I’m always eager to meet people who share my values of eco-smart land stewardship that  benefits all living things in our community. My work must enrich my life and that of others. Here, a few of my current and past clients share their experiences of working with me:

“Several years ago I realized that I really wanted, and it was time, to re-create the garden spaces around my house. I knew I needed help both to imagine what could be possible and actually make it happen. I invited Carol Lundeen to accompany me in the process, and am so glad that I did.

She took the time up front to be with me in the yard and garden, to really get a sense of it and me, and to imagine what it was that I wanted. I remember being puzzled by some of her requests that I take a look from different and seemingly unusual vantage points and perspectives around the yard…. “What do you want to see when you sit and look out from HERE? she would ask.”  She both sought to understand my preferences and quirky wishes as well as making suggestions and providing advice from her expertise.

As our plan to create a Renoir-like impression emerged, she did not hesitate to “roll up her sleeves” and help me to dig-up, replant, trim back, divide….   It is now the darkest and coldest time of the year, and the ground is covered with snow….. and I know that very soon the shoots from the hundreds of bulbs that we planted will be peaking up, soon to be followed by what feels like a magical garden kingdom to me…. and I anticipate getting my daily dose of just sitting on my swing in the yard and basking in the beauty that she has helped me to create around me home.”

-Art Shirk, Malden MA

“I have known Carol for over three years. During this time Carol has worked with me in the garden, teaching me how to prune shrubs, set up compost bins, clear out invasive plants, test soils for the chemical pH balance, define edges, and so much more.

She is passionate and knowledgeable in her field, fun to work with, and shows compassion for all things in the living and the natural world. She is always timely, professional in her approach and flexible, accommodating sudden changes of plans which may occur. She has a gentle spirit and a keen sense of humor that are most endearing. She is an inspiration to me and I love working with her.”

-Deborah Alkalay, Sharon MA

“I had the pleasure of working with Carol and would recommend her highly. She is extremely knowledgeable and what I appreciated the most is her passion for sharing her expertise with others.

As a client, she wants you to learn how to be able to do what she does. She is patient and encourages you to try out your newly acquired skills so that you feel start to feel comfortable doing them on your own. Some of the things I learned were how to: prune, fertilize , properly plant shrubs as well as create a home-made irrigation system as well as the proper way to hold gardening tools.

Time spent with Carol deepened my appreciation for horticulture.”

-Meredith G, Stoughton MA

“Every year, the roster for the Rhode Island Certified Horticulturalist (RICH) plant identification class brings it’s own set of challenges.  Challenge Jan. ’17 began at the letter L, with Lundeen. Not just because any and all of my alternative facts would very politely be corrected by Carol. I also had to arrive earlier than early to organize and display the many winter twigs I gather every week before class. Carol always arrived at least 15 min. prior to class with offers of help and her own samples to be identified. Annoying when your own MO is chaos. Even my dogs loved her.”

-Dr. Susan Gordon, PhD, chair, Rhode Island Nursery and Landscape Association RICH program