Monthly Archives: March 2015

The Dirt on Seedings, Resilience, and Diversity

Before I left for New Zealand at the very end of January, I started a tray of Viola seeds in an old egg carton, hoping for the best.  Many germinated before my departure, many didn’t, and this time around, the laggards are the winners! While the first to sprout are long done for this world, the next round of sprouters are alive and well and growing fast, most of them having put out their first true leaves with a second one on the way.  This reminds me of the value of diversity in all living things.   Next step is to start fertilizing them lightly, as I planted the seeds in soil-less mix, and now that the true leaves are forming they need some feedl.  I’ll be potting them up soon, and as I do I’ll add a dollop of compost to each pot, disturbing the thread-frail roots as little as possible.

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