Certified Wildlife Habitat sign by the National Wildlife Federation

Certified Wildlife Habitat sign from the National Wildlife Federation. You can get your yard, school, or business certified if you provide food, water, shelter, safe sites for wildlife to reproduce, and organic landscape practices.

National Wildlife Federation’s CERTIFIED WILDLIFE HABITAT® Program

Create healthy habitats for wildlife and you can get your yard, school or business certified by the National Wildlife Federation.

  1. FOOD: Native plants are the anchor for a robust wildlife food web.
  2. WATER: All animals need water to survive and thrive.
  3. SHELTER: Animals need ready escapes from predators and harsh weather.
  4. NESTING SITES: Animals need safe places to raise their young.
  5. ECOLOGICAL LAND CARE: Like people, wildlife needs clean water, air and soils for healthy living.

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LEARN MORE: https://www.nwf.org/Garden-for-Wildlife/Certify